Who we are

If investing in Africa is key to the development of your business, we are your trusted partner.

Leoht Africa Events is a specialist provider of face-to-face business platforms for the emerging markets of sub-Saharan Africa. We have in depth experience of building relationships and a proven track record of success, our key organisational focus lies in engaging with the industry sectors core to Africa’s social and economic development.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of service and satisfaction to our clients to support their investment in Africa. By delivering innovative, educational and proven solutions, we connect professionals at every level of the value chain with leading global suppliers, industry experts and a wealth of knowledge.

Globally recognised as the next big business frontier, Africa presents significant opportunities. With 54 countries across a vast geographic footprint, scores of languages and dialects, distinctly African business practices and cultural norms, and unique infrastructural challenges, Africa’s business environment is best addressed with partners who understand the environment.

Leoht Africa and her network of partners have decades of experience in paving the way for global organisations to enter and grow in Sub- saharan Africa.